Source: https://www.newtraderu.com Just like Stephen Covey found the effective habits of successful people through his studies I have found the common habits of successful traders through research. Many similarities for what creates success in any field. Let me breakdown the seven habits common in most successful traders. 1. Use AContinue Reading


Source: https://www.newtraderu.com Image created by Holly Burns Bayesian thinking is successfully applied to professional fields requiring statistics and also to those considered outside of traditional statistics like education, computer programming, software, philosophy, economics, medicine and the practice of law. Bayesian thinking is a mental model which allows us to adaptContinue Reading


Source: https://www.newtraderu.com There are two primary methods for investing in the stock market: value investing and growth investing. Value investors want to buy a dollar in value for 50 cents today and a growth investor wants to but a future five dollar value for one dollar today. They are differentContinue Reading