Source: Across the U.S., rent prices continue to soar. But in a few select places, it’s decreasing. That’s according to real estate site Zumper’s recently released national rent report for August 2022, which shows a continuation of record-high prices for one-bedroom apartments. Zumper analyzed national rental data from overContinue Reading


Source: The Producer Price Index (PPI) declined for the second consecutive month Published September 14, 2022 Wholesale inflation fell slightly last month as gas prices tumbled. The Labor Department reported its Producer Price Index (PPI) declined 0.1% in August from the month before, matching economists’ estimates. The annual increase was 8.7%, belowContinue Reading


Source: Although the value of bitcoin has fallen by over 60% from its record highs as of August 2022, this “crypto winter” isn’t reducing interest in purchasing digital currency. About 56% of consumers say they’re at least somewhat interested in buying cryptocurrency within the next year, according to PYMNTSContinue Reading


Source: Professional forex traders have long known that trading currencies requires looking beyond the world of FX. Currencies are moved by many factors, including supply and demand, politics, interest rates, speculation, and economic growth. More specifically, since economic growth and exports are directly related to a country’s domestic industry, it isContinue Reading