Source: Celsius on Thursday was sued by former investment manager Jason Stone, as pressure continues to mount on the firm amid a crash in cryptocurrency prices. Stone has alleged, among other things, that Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky (above) was “able to enrich himself considerably.” Piaras Ó Mídheach | SportsfileContinue Reading


Source: The Asia-Pacific gas market has suffered another blow after major natural gas producer Australia signaled it could potentially cut down liquified natural gas exports as the region battles tight gas supplies, high prices and competition from gas-short European buyers. Australia is looking to trim its overseas sales inContinue Reading


Source: Mint Images | Mint Images Rf | Getty Images The Senate passed the most ambitious climate spending package in U.S. history on Sunday, prompting optimism among environmental advocates after months of gridlock around President Joe Biden’s emissions-reducing agenda. Called the Inflation Reduction Act, the legislation earmarks $369 billionContinue Reading


Source: With new cars costing over $47,000 on average and used ones averaging over $28,000, very few people can simply walk into the dealership, write a check, and drive off. Most of us will have to save some money first, either for the full purchase price or, if we’reContinue Reading


Source: This week, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released their Global Liveability Index ranking of the top 10 best and 10 worst places to live in the world in 2022. The index scored 172 cities in five categories: culture, health care, education, infrastructure, and entertainment. Cities in Scandinavia dominateContinue Reading


Source: Gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the most widely used indicators of economic performance. GDP measures a national economy’s total output in a given period, and is seasonally adjusted to eliminate quarterly variations based on climate or holidays. The most closely watched GDP measure is also adjustedContinue Reading


Source: Reloadable debit cards allow you to add money to your card’s balance periodically, which you then can spend as needed. If you’re considering getting a reloadable debit card here are a few important things to know, including how they differ from regular bank debit cards. Key Takeaways AContinue Reading


Source: It’s a class of exchange-traded funds designed to prevent your portfolio from hitting dramatic lows — but it may require a level of sophistication. The idea: Incorporate short-term levered plays including covered call and risk-reversal strategies in order to help investors customize their own defensive strategies similar to hedging.Continue Reading


Source: Americans are notorious for not taking a break. The average U.S. worker took less than 12 days of vacation in 2021 — six fewer than the global average — according to Expedia’s latest Vacation Deprivation study of 14,500 working adults across 16 countries.  Yet an overwhelming majority of workersContinue Reading